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Setting the Standard in Mobile Power



7.5KW Hydraulic Driven AC Generator DC Welder
Welder: 240 AMPS DC
Generator: 7.5 KW, 120/240 VAC
Attach your own air compressor
...Convert Hydro-Arc to a 3 in 1 system for Thousands Less!

Welding with Mobile Power

The HYDRO-ARC 7500® is a hydraulically driven DC welder/AC generator combination. In addition the HYDRO-ARC 7500® allows you to attach your own air compressor,* converting the Hydro-Arc into a 3 in 1 system for thousands less. Producing 7,500 watts AC or DC power , the HYDRO-ARC 7500® is ideal for welding in the most remote locations. Lightweight and compact, the HYDRO-ARC 7500® will provide years of maintenance free and reliable DC welding and AC power.

• Lightweight Only 165 Lbs.
• Compact Size 27L" x 17H" x 10W"
• Generator is Environmentally Clean and Non-Polluting
• Complete Unit is Maintenance Free
• AC Current Overload Protection Device
• Provides 120/240 volts
• Optional Pressure Compensation Flow Control
• Exclusive "Fury Precision Power Coupler Housing" (patent 5,908,183)
• Operates AC tools, air compressors, lights and much more!

Peak Welding Amps 240 DC
Strike Voltage 60 to 70 VDC
AC Thermal Protection Circuit breaker
Duty Cycle 50% to 75%
Drive Power 15 HP
AC Output Frequency 60HZ
Generator RPM 3600
Output Watts 7500 7.5KW
Voltage AC 120/240
Flow 11.55 GPM
Pressure 2500 PSI
Dimensions 27"L x 17"H x 10"W
Weight 165 LBS
Generator DC/AC 60 HZ, Speed 3600 RPM
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Fury Precision Power Coupler Housing PATENTED, FURY PRECISION POWER COUPLER.This ensures perfect alignment and provides chatter & vibration free operation thus guaranteeing extremely long coupling life.
A toggle switch easily converts the Hydro-Arc 7500® from a DC welder to an AC generator. Hydro-Arc 7500® features a 7 position rotary switch with a high/low toggle switch for 14 preset heat settings from 40 to 240 amps DC.
Super V Cooler The Super-V Cooler
• Reservoir - 3 gal. capacity
• Heat Exchange with 12 Volt DC Fan

The Super-V coolers’ unique compact design pulls high velocity air through the “V” cut-out section in the reservoir removing the heat from the surrounding oil flow. The system is a completely sealed to prevent moisture or small particles from contaminating the hydraulic oil. The filter cap will vent air at 4 PSI.

16.5”W x 13”D x 12.4H

Pressure compensating flow control Pressure Compensating Flow Control
To maintain a constant generator RPM
and voltage output
Protective Cover for Hydro Arc welder generator Protective Cover
Fitted waterproof cover protects the Hydro-Arc from the elements when not in use.
  Pre-Wired Cables

Welding Rod Holder

Grounding Clamp

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